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trustpilot funding announcement
Collecting reviews
How new funding will fuel our mission of transparency
At Trustpilot, we’re on a mission to create ever-improving experiences for everyone. That mission has been the same since Trustpilot was founded a decade ago. But what’s significantly different today is the two societal transformations impacting every consumer and company. Today, consumers demand a powerful voice. In fact, they expect it — and rightfully so. The smartest companies around understood this early on, adapted and innovated. The rest are still trying to catch up. But we’re not just living in the age of the consumer. We’re also [living in the era of distrust]( Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a steep fall in trust in all institutions: government, companies and media. Everyone is being impacted and the consequences of the ‘fake news’ zeitgeist are clear. We’ve begun to question the information we consume, as well as the sources that generate that information.
keeping customers happy
Customer Experience
How to keep existing customers happy & buying
__Retaining More eCommerce Customers by Changing Your Mindset__ More, more, more – drive more traffic, acquire more customers, and get those customers to spend as much as possible on your products and services. This sentiment around new customer acquisition permeates the e-commerce industry. But what if we slightly shifted the underlying idea here? What if we focused as much - if not more - energy on retaining customers as we do on attaining them? What if we could shift our strategies to create more loyalty among those whom we’ve already earned instead of over-investing or risking resources in trying to find so much new? I’m going to remind you of one of the cornerstones of marketing: your existing customer actually offer the ripest opportunities for further monetization. Retention, therefore, represents the most lucrative investment for savvy e-commerce teams looking to break away from the accepted status quo as we move further into 2019.
trustpilot helped a digital agency boost their client's converisons
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
How Trustpilot helped this digital marketing agency boost their client's conversions by 22%
Epiphany was founded as a search specialist in 2005 and over the years, has helped to set a benchmark for search excellence in the UK, specialising in SEO, PPC, Display, CRO, Content and Web Development. The digital agency has supported a broad range of clients, helping them to benefit from new technologies in consumer search, expand into international markets and outcompete their peers online. In this case study, we’ll go through why [Epiphany]( chose to partner with Trustpilot, and how they use reviews to grow one of their client’s marketing efforts. Furniture Choice offer stylish, quality furniture that everyone can afford. Founded in 2005, is an independent furniture retailer. The company combines a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class ecommerce expertise. [Furniture Choice]( turned to their agency, Epiphany, for support building their reputation and boosting their SEO efforts to improve traffic, boost conversions in some of their categories (dining sets, sofas, beds…), and turn more visitors into customers.
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trustpilot helped a digital agency boost their client's converisons
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
How Trustpilot helped this digital marketing agency boost their client's conversions by 22%
letsgetchecked blood tests reviews trustpilot
Building Credibility
LetsGetChecked reveal how they leverage Trustpilot reviews to build trust in the healthcare industry
stay sure travel insurance
Building Credibility
How Staysure uses the power of AI to build customer trust
Priory direct journey Trustpilot reviews
Consumer Insights
Priory Direct tell us more about their Trustpilot journey
recruitment company uses reviews
Building Credibility
Gough Recruitment reveal how they leverage Trustpilot reviews
Trailfinders holiday
Social Proof
Why social proof is the gold standard for trustworthy travel
ZipRecruiter Case Study Hero
Customer Experience
How ZipRecruiter reviews powered the business forward
Wildland trekking Trustpilot case study online reviews
Collecting reviews
How online reviews power Wildland Trekking's journey to greatness
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Pharmacy2U patient trust customer reviews
Building Credibility
How Pharmacy2U uses reviews to build trust with their patients
Best Bee Brothers sales Trustpilot case study
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
How Trustpilot helped this digital marketing agency boost their client's sales by 150%
people trust ads with trustpilot logo and stars
Consumer Insights
Why 87% of consumers find ads more trustworthy with Trustpilot

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