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reviews in total written across +1.1 million domains.


of UK consumers surveyed in 2024 agree that a good Trustpilot score makes them more likely to buy from a brand.


new reviews were written on Trustpilot in 2023.

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Adapt to market changes with deeper insights into shifts and trends developing across your industry

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Understand how to improve your reputation with a projection of what your TrustScore could look like over time

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Let your brand shine with new options for customizing your page and promotions to drive shoppers to your site

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Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with Trustpilot and turn your CRM into a reliable hub for trusted review data.

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73.6% of Trustpilot visitors say they are more likely to make a purchase from a website that's displaying Trustpilot reviews on-site.

Trust Matters: How Trustpilot amplifies TV ads

Explore the pivotal role of trust in TV advertising through the latest whitepaper from global research leader, Kantar. Delve into real-world brand research with AO, TotallyMoney, CarWow, and Swyft, to dissect the profound impact of trust in TV ad effectiveness.

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