Dashboards and analytics

Analyse. Improve. Repeat.

Track your performance and see how your customers feel yesterday, today, and tomorrow with Trustpilot Analytics.

Trustpilot Analytics - Dashboards and analytics

Did you know?

Trustpilot gets over 4 million new reviews every month - that’s a lot of content to analyse!


See your performance at a glance

Track your reviews, engagement, impressions, and invite status with the Trustpilot Dashboard.

Trustpilot's Dashboard feature

TrustBox Optimizer

Prove the impact of your website widgets

Know that you’re getting the most from your reviews. Built-in split testing shows exactly how many sales and how much revenue you earn from Trustpilot reviews on your site.

Trustpilot's Trustbox Optimizer feature

Organic Reach Dashboard

See your profile’s performance in Google search

How many people see your reviews? The Organic Reach Dashboard shows traffic, impressions, and exactly how people find your Trustpilot profile in search.

Trustpilot Organic Reach Dashboard

Trustpilot Analytics

Track and improve your performance on Trustpilot

Are your customers happier today than yesterday? Trustpilot Analytics includes a collection of dashboards to track changes in your performance including ratings, star distribution, number of reviews, and TrustScore.

Trustpilot Analytics dashboard

TrustBox Optimizer

How it works

Select icon

1. Select the TrustBoxes you want to test

You can choose Variation without TrustBox and compare this against 1 or 2 TrustBoxes, or you can choose 2 TrustBox variations to compare against each other in a split test.

Settings icon

2. Configure your settings

Decide what percentage of your total visitors are going to see each variation, or use our default settings for the fastest results.

Code icon

3. Implement the code on your website

Implement the TrustBox code snippets on your website, as well as the conversion tracking code. Then position the TrustBoxes where you want them on your site.

Pie chart icon

4. Monitor your test results

We combine the impression and conversion events to analyse how the different variations impact your conversion rate and revenue

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“My favorite feature on Trustpilot - as far as a data nerd - I’d have to say the Dashboard and also the statistics module. It’s a place you can very quickly tap into what’s going on with your feedback and not only have a lot of stats and understanding at your fingertips . . . but it also makes it really easy to dial in to exactly what’s happening.”

Nathan Reid, uShip

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