Turning feedback into growth: How Lily Comms used Trustpilot to stand out

Wednesday, 31 January 2024

UK-based Lily Comms, a trusted name within the Telecommunications industry for 14 years, started out by providing outsourced installation and maintenance services to UK businesses. The business has since expanded its offerings to include IT, cyber security, mobile, merchant, energy, and more, thanks partly to lucrative contracts and partnerships with Ericsson LG and Gamma. 

Like any growing, customer-facing business, reputation is everything. For Lily Comms, it was essential that their customers experienced first-class service and remained happy throughout their customer journey. To keep improving this journey, the team needed a solution that would allow them to reinforce their reputation and drive customers to a sale. 

Recognizing the need for greater social proof and platform visibility, Lily Comms dipped its toes in with Trustpilot's free plan. Quickly realizing its potential, the Lily Comms team swiftly upgraded to a paid plan, unlocking the platform's full power and solidifying its reputation.

Embedding Trustpilot into marketing and customer touchpoints has fueled Lily Comms' reputation, fostering customer trust and driving sales. Notably, interactions on their Trustpilot page have directly contributed to a significant increase in conversions. 

“We started with a Free account, but soon after, we decided to upgrade, adding in the Convert and Enhance modules to better harness the platform's power and showcase our reviews on our website. We use paid services of Trustpilot to enable us to quickly and efficiently monitor our account, and it helps us maintain a level of service to our clients.”
Joe Lillyman
Head of Service Delivery at Lily Comms

Standing out from the rest

Some perceive the telecommunications industry as dishonest, so Lily Comms knew there would be a customer trust challenge for companies like theirs, which maintain values of passion, performance, and integrity. 

“We believe that we should always act honestly and fairly when joining customers on their business growth journey. Similarly, we ask our customers to act honestly and fairly with us,” says Joe Lillyman, Head of Service Delivery at Lily Comms

To stand out among the competition and attract new customers, the Lily Comms team utilised Trustpilot as a trusted point of reference and reassurance for customers who have suffered at the hands of other companies.

“In addition, we underpin our S4S (Strategy for Success) document to demonstrate to our existing and potential clients what they can expect from signing up with Lily [Comms],” says Joe. 

Building on a solid foundation of trust

Since switching to a paid plan, including website widgets and a Google Seller qualification, Lily Comms has used these features to its advantage, building on its already solid reputation through marketing campaigns and social proof. 

“We predominantly used Google as our reviews platform and hadn't recognised the value Trustpilot could bring. After discovering more, we decided to invest in Trustpilot and use it as our trusted review platform with our customers,” says Joe.  

Trustpilot live widgets are also on the Lily Comms website, showing off the company’s 4.8 TrustScore and star rating at the top of every website page. The review carousel containing TrustBoxes takes centre stage for the homepage, drawing in over 92,000 impressions over the last year. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 17.19.31

“We regularly use Trustpilot in our marketing presence, including paid social on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and paid display campaigns on Google, showcasing our ‘Excellent’ rating to reinforce the message of Integrity.”

In terms of overall impact, the presence of Trustpilot ratings across Lily Comms’ digital landscape has allowed the company to display a level of trust and credibility to its customers. “We use it [Trustpilot] because it is an easy-to-recognise symbol of trust,” explains Joe. 

“We use it [Trustpilot] because it is an easy-to-recognise symbol of trust.” 
Joe Lillyman
Head of Service Delivery at Lily Comms

Improving the bottom line through customer feedback

On the commercial and customer success side, the Trustpilot brand has a place in all Lily Comms sales proposals and in many client and prospective client communications. 

To ensure the operational management of Trustpilot and a confident customer service experience for their clients, the team implemented defined processes and procedures. This approach proved highly beneficial, as evidenced by their TrustScore. 

The high score influenced conversion rates and led to referral traffic, with website conversions stemming directly from users reading positive reviews on the Lily Comms Trustpilot company page. 

Lily Comms image 1

To keep the momentum up, the team sent customised review requests to customers after completing sales orders and integrated Lily Comms Trustpilot star ratings into the CRM email journey. 

“When customers have successfully installed their services, we send them the email automatically as part of a trigger system asking them to leave us a review,” says Joe. 

Negative reviews happen. However, Lily Comms recognized them as valuable feedback and used Trustpilot to identify and address customer pain points impacting their business processes.

To capitalize on this opportunity for improvement, Joe noted that the company implemented a dedicated team focused on handling customer dissatisfaction and ensured each case was individually investigated and categorized. 

This proactive approach fostered positive customer experiences and allowed for targeted improvements.

“This helps us see where we can improve to avoid repeat complaints/issues from occurring and keeps our reviews and TrustScore positive,” he said. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 17.19.26

 Looking ahead

Since bringing Trustpilot on board and utilising its market presence and features, Lily Comms has found a way to grow its credibility, improve visibility and solidify its reputation.

Says Joe, “The scale of Trustpilot means that customers looking to find a new telecoms or IT provider can, off their own back, research the market via a third party resource that they can use to gain a feel for what they can expect from us. They don’t just have to take our word for it. They can take the word of over 1100 of our customers, making Trustpilot a fantastic tool for us.”

Going forward, Lily Comms will continue its proactive approach to keeping customers happy and capitalize on its position as a review generator and leader within its space.

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