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Trustpilot helps Groupon give its customers the best possible deal

Monday, 30 October 2023
Trustpilot: Our trust promise, June 2020

Groupon has been able to build a customer feedback culture and boost its customer experience by partnering with Trustpilot.

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A global reputation

Everyone knows if you want to find a good deal online, you go to Groupon. From one-of-a-kind experiences to staycations and beauty treatments, there is something for everyone. Founded in 2008, Groupon now has 17 million active* customers across 13 markets, making it the go-to deals site worldwide. 

For a marketplace of this size, where customers interact with individual merchants, a seamless user experience is essential. eCommerce is a fast-moving and ever-evolving industry, and with over 500,000 customer support tickets and 50,000 merchant operations support tickets monthly, Groupon knew it needed a solution to stay agile and capture customer feedback. 

“Our aim is to provide a global standardised approach to customer service, providing the best experience for everybody that is fast, accurate and relevant responses. Being available when our customers need us is critical for us”
Adam Lindsey
Senior Director of Operations at Groupon

While Groupon measured their Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) internally with a healthy and positive result – this wasn’t reflected on their Trustpilot profile or TrustScore. Externally, their brand wasn’t matching the reputation or results of the CSAT or what they knew they could achieve. Therefore, Groupon set a goal of prioritising customer reviews to build its brand reputation.

A culture of customer feedback and service

With customer feedback and insights embedded in the company culture, a monthly Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Merchant newsletter highlighted the latest CSAT results and key insights for all teams to be aware of.

“Making sure that everyone in the business is aware of the pain points and making sure the satisfaction metric is as important as the finance results in the business is key because if you don’t have one, you don’t have the other.”
Adam Lindsey
Senior Director of Operations at Groupon

With this mindset, they turned their attention to building the best reputation externally across the key markets. Groupon decided to prioritise Trustpilot along with the satisfaction survey to build a well-rounded brand based on customer feedback.

Turning to Trustpilot

Groupon knew the importance of Trustpilot, given it’s a well-known brand that millions of consumers turn to before making purchase decisions. When Groupon first partnered with Trustpilot, it wasn't optimising its potential; its TrustScore was low, and the review link wasn’t embedded throughout the customer journey. 

To help improve their profile page, Groupon worked with their Trustpilot Customer Success Manager. Together, they decided to invite a larger percentage of customers to review Groupon and made the commitment to embed the option of providing feedback along key touchpoints such as emails, surveys, customer service, and their website. Now, when a customer redeems a Groupon voucher, they automatically receive an invitation to review on Trustpilot.

“It’s the customer reviews and satisfaction insights that really drive the change in the business. That’s why we partnered with Trustpilot”
Adam Lindsey
Senior Director of Operations at Groupon

As for a rare review of three stars or less, Groupon responds individually to each one with a personalised response. The customer service team provides this feedback internally, not only via the internal newsletters but in almost daily meetings with the product and engineering teams.

Better for the brand, better for the customer

With Trustpilot a key focus, Groupon managed to improve their TrustScore from hovering around a 1-star rating in the early days to 3.1 and now a 4.1 rating in the UK. Of the 16,000 reviews, the majority are five-star, and the customer service team responds to negative reviews in less than 24 hours. It’s a big win to improve the TrustScore from 1 to 4 stars, so it’s something Groupon celebrates regularly.

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Now, Groupon’s six biggest markets - which account for 90% of the business - are integrated and actively using Trustpilot. 

As well as boosting the brand’s reputation, Groupon has improved its overall customer experience based on the reviews left on Trustpilot. Groupon has changed their refund policy and complaint handling, all due to the insights gained from reviews.

“We’d rather have 10x more feedback so we know and can fix issues. If we don’t know something is going wrong, we can’t fix it. Now we can between Trustpilot and our satisfaction surveys”
Adam Lindsey
Senior Director of Operations at Groupon

What’s next for Groupon? With plans to expand in the US, they know their Trustpilot profile is key to winning the market and have set a goal of achieving a 4-star TrustScore.

Reviews helped Groupon boost its brand reputation and customer experience. Get a free demo with our experts on how to use trust to improve your business:
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*As per Q2 2023 earnings, Active Customers are defined as unique user accounts that have made a purchase during the trailing twelve months ("TTM") either through one of Groupon’s online marketplaces or directly with a merchant for which Groupon earned a commission.


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