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Did you know?

Review stars in search can improve click-through rates up to 35%.

Company Profile Page

Make it easy for people to find your reviews

When people search for reviews of your brand, what do they find? Trustpilot profile pages tend to appear as a top search result, often with Rich Snippet stars, and are backed by the credibility of a review platform built for people and businesses.

Illustration of how a Trustpilot company profile can help you rank higher in Google searches

Google Seller Ratings

Improve your AdWords performance

Because we’re an official Google Review Partner, your Trustpilot reviews count towards your Google Seller Rating. Showing Seller Ratings on your text ads can boost your ads’ click-through-rate by up to 10% according to Google’s blog.

Illustration of how Trustpilot reviews can give you Google Seller Ratings

Rich Snippet stars

Get more traffic from Google

Shine a light on your site. Add review stars to your search results without needing a developer or SEO agency. When you put Trustpilot Product Review widgets on your site, they include code to put Rich Snippet stars on your product pages in the search results. The result is up to 35% more clicks to your site.

Illustration of rich snippet stars in Google

Product Review Content

Give your site a keyword boost

With Product Reviews, your customers create additional content for your site. Their reviews can add thousands of new keywords to your product pages that can help your site appear in more search results.

Illustration of how Trustpilot product reviews show up in Google searches

Additional features

Google Shopping Integration

Get more success in Google Shopping. If you’re using Google Shopping Ads, Trustpilot can add stars to your products – giving you more traffic and sales.

Bing Merchant Reviews

Add stars to your Bing ads so you stand out from the competition. Bing Merchant Reviews improve CTR of your ad campaigns.

Social Sharing

Share great reviews on every social network. Trustpilot’s Image Generator turns your best reviews into attention grabbing images that stand out on social media.

How it works

Profile icon

1. Add company info to your Trustpilot Profile page

By adding more information about your company, you not only help educate customers about who you are, but you can appear in more search results, often with Rich Snippet stars.

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2. Qualify for Google Seller Ratings

When you reach 100 verified reviews with a minimum rating of 3.5 over 12 months, your business can qualify for Google Seller Ratings.

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3. Add Product Review widgets to your site for more content and Rich Snippet stars

Display Trustpilot Product Reviews on your site. Product Review TrustBoxes can both generate Rich Snippet stars in search results, and add the review content to your site for a keyword boost.

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