Review Invitations

The simple way to receive more reviews

Get great reviews by simply asking your customers about their experience.

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Did you know?

People will choose a product with more reviews over a similar product with a higher rating but fewer reviews. *

Kickstart Invitations

Get your profile off to a kicking start

Instantly boost the number of reviews you have by sending invites to a large group of past customers. With fresh customer feedback to work with, you can get busy turning it into value for your business.

Product illustration of Trustpilot kickstart invitations. Upload a CSV-email-list and send invitations.

Automatic Feedback Service

Always have new reviews of your business

Maximize the amount of reviews for your business. Send review request emails to your customers after every purchase, and automate the process so there’s no extra work for you.

Product illustration of Trustpilot's Automatic Feedback Service feature, including automatic invitation settings

Embedded Review Form

Let customers leave reviews on your site

Keeping people on your site to write a review can be better than asking them to click elsewhere. That’s why our Connect module allows you to add our Embedded Review form on your site.

Product illustration of an embedded review form from Trustpilot

Additional features

APIs and Unique Links

Gain full control of the Trustpilot review collection process. Use Trustpilot’s API or Unique Links to send review invitation emails from your CRM or email client.

Invitation templates

Trustpilot's review invitation email templates are continually tested and optimized to get you a ton of customer reviews. Templates are available in 16 languages and are fully customizable to match your brand and style.

Reminder emails

Looking for even more reviews? Trustpilot reminder emails are a friendly, automated poke to your customers that collect an additional 35% more reviews on average.

How it works

Invite customers icon

1. Invite past customers

Simply upload a csv of your past orders and send review invitations in bulk.

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2. Automate your review collection

Start collecting reviews in a few clicks by using any of our integrations. Or add bcc email to Trustpilot from your order confirmation to trigger the Automatic Feedback Service.

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3. Build something bespoke

If you’re looking for a more customized invitation process, use Trustpilot’s API to send review invitation links by SMS, QR codes, Support Chat, or any method that best suits your business.

zChocolat Logo

zChocolat uses Trustpilot APIs to get reviews from both past and present customers, and creates a custom invitation through support calls.

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Get reviews in a few clicks

Our plug-and-play integrations make getting Trustpilot reviews a snap.

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