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How A.C. Wilgar grew customer confidence and search rankings with Trustpilot reviews

Monday, 22 April 2024
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A.C. Wilgar is a UK specialist domestic heating and plumbing company established in 1985 by Billy Wilgar, the current CEO. Their customers turn to them when a boiler breaks or an emergency plumbing issue crops up. A.C. Wilgar’s much-needed services and consistent performance over the years have led to their nationally ranked title of “Domestic Installer of the Year” six times since 1998.

A.C. Wilgar

The company needed to solidify its level of trustworthiness because customers often entrusted engineers with keys to their homes, enabling the team to carry out the required work. Trust was imperative.

A.C. Wilgar began using Trustpilot to capture valuable customer reviews and build up trust. They quickly recognized the benefits of widgets and email invites, prompting reviews after each completed job. 

A.C. Wilgar shines with a 4.9 TrustScore, way above the industry standard of 4.1 and 94% 5-star reviews (converting invitations at double the industry rate of 18%). They reply to all reviews and see a massive 59% CTR for "A.C. Wilgar reviews" searches compared to just 10% for their name alone.

“Without Trustpilot, we would be stepping backwards; it is an innovative tool with built-in customer trust based on its ethical way of monitoring and verifying all reviews.”
Billy Wilgar
CEO & Founder 

Supercharging their review collection strategy with Trustpilot

The team at A.C. Wilgar quickly expanded into a paid plan with Trustpilot after recognizing the power of Trustpilot TrustBox widgets. These widgets appeared prolifically on their website homepage, featuring their Excellent 4.9 TrustScore. This led to 48K TrustBoxes impressions over a year. 

Not shy to innovation, they soon took it further by creating a unique QR code accessible through their in-house app. Engineers asked customers to scan the code at the end of the service, allowing for immediate feedback. 

Thanks to the QR code method and email outreach with Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service, A.C. Wilgar grew to the top 24% of businesses receiving reviews weekly and achieved a 31% email invitation conversion rate.

“Our website, our email at the end of every job, and our own in-house iOS App have been our biggest successes in gaining reviews on Trustpilot,” notes Billy. 

A.C. Wilgar

A ranking powerhouse

Another notable benefit of receiving many customer reviews is the positive effect on Google search rankings. A.C. Wilgar leverages Trustpilot to dominate search results. 

It’s known that reviews influence customer decisions and play a significant role in Google's search ranking algorithm. A.C. Wilgar capitalizes on this by boasting a 59% CTR for searches containing “A.C. Wilgar Reviews.” This figure is nearly 6x higher than the 10% click-through rate for searches of only their company name, “A.C. Wilgar.”

"We have always tried to maintain a high level on Google; this has been helped by continuously supporting Google with our Trustpilot ranking,” says Billy.

By actively cultivating a strong online reputation through Trustpilot, A.C. Wilgar ensures that its company appears at the forefront of relevant search results, putting it in a prime position to capture the interest of new customers. 

“Without Trustpilot, we would be stepping backwards; it is an innovative tool with built-in customer trust based on its ethical way of monitoring and verifying all reviews.”
Billy Wilgar
CEO & Founder 

The future is heating up 

A.C. Wilgar created a custom and multi-faceted approach to building trust by strategically integrating Trustpilot into multiple channels across their business. 

Their website features Trustpilot TrustBox widgets displayed front and centre. Automated emails after each job encourage customers to leave reviews, maintaining a consistent feedback loop. Taking it a step ahead into the future, the company’s in-house iOS app provides convenience and flexibility for both customers and engineers on the go. 

Finally, while online bases are covered, their offline presence also sees significant Trustpilot traction, with the Trustpilot logo showcased on company vans and TV advertisements like this one. 

AC Wilgar

What’s next? According to Billy, an email campaign is on the horizon, “and we will undoubtedly highlight our Trustpilot star rating at the forefront of the campaign's homepage.” 

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