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Collecting reviews
Collecting customer reviews with Trustpilot
The truth is, there’s no one size fits all approach to collecting customer feedback. Whether you’re looking to improve sales conversions, catch the right eyes in search results, or better understand your customers, reviews can help get you there — and Trustpilot is a great place to start. Check out the 2 minute video below to learn exactly what collecting reviews with Trustpilot can do for you.
Eventyrsport Trustpilot Case Study Video
Customer Experience
How Eventyrsport offers a stellar eCommerce customer experience with reviews
Having established a truly impressive number of outdoor apparel and equipment retail locations across Denmark and Sweden, it wasn’t until __Eventyrsport__ built their eCommerce presence that they began to see customer reviews as a necessity for their business. Inspired by the explosive effect social proof and customer reviews tend to have on conversion rates for online stores, Eventyrsport joined Trustpilot in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. In fact, their use of Trustpilot has grown along with their business. For Eventyrsport, Trustpilot reviews have evolved from a simple conversion boosting tactic to a valuable feedback loop with their customers, allowing them to ace the customer experience — every time. Don’t miss their video below presented by Lars Søresen, the founder and CEO of Eventyrsport.
Kaplan x Trustpilot Customer Satisfaction
Customer Experience
How Kaplan International's customer satisfaction skyrocketed with Trustpilot
Kaplan International is known as the world’s language school — a well deserved claim to fame after 80 years empowering international students to build connections and catalyze new opportunities through top caliber English language courses, offered globally across more than 30 schools. Although they’re known far and wide, the team at Kaplan International understands that no matter how big their name, quite a bit of consideration goes into purchasing any kind of educational course — whether it’s evaluating the financial investment, or even the opportunity costs of traveling to a particular school.
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