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Reputation Management
Why does Google care if your business has online reviews in 2019?
Over the last decade we’ve come to expect handy guidance from ratings and reviews anytime we go online. Now Google expects them, too. Maybe it’s because Amazon taught us to rely on ratings and reviews, or maybe it’s because we’ve always been social creatures, eager to hear about what others did when faced with similar decisions. Maybe it’s because Google tends to show us search results that feature reviews and ratings.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
How great sites convert visitors to customers
If only you could squeeze out a lift in conversion rate. A 10% bump would do wonders for all your marketing efforts. A 50% increase would be transformational. Over time, you’ve heard all sorts of advice about button colors, clear calls to action, what you should have above the fold, and how to reduce friction. The problem with this advice is not that there isn’t merit to reducing friction, but that it is a small piece of the much larger conversion optimization puzzle. At its heart, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is convincing a customer to buy your product. A great quote summarizes the CRO’s task: “People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves.” In CRO, it is our job to paint a picture of that better self, to make them believe it, then remove friction that stands between them and a purchase. So, let’s break this down into each step of convincing a customer to purchase.
Customer Experience
How to ace the online customer experience
In today’s digital environment, how can eCommerce owners stand out from the competition in order to sell their products online? Amazon is every eCommerce company’s biggest competitor. Their customer-centric approach is part of the company's immense success — but what do you do if you lack Amazon's resources and scale?
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