How LendUp used reviews as social proof to increase Its landing page performance

Monday, 26 March 2018
LendUp Case Study

“Trustpilot has been a great investment that has enabled us to easily share why customers love us. From improved customer experience to channel optimization, Trustpilot is a key service for our business.” -- Christina Moran, Digital Acquisition Manager

A FinTech startup with a mission

LendUp is a financial technology startup based in San Francisco whose mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. The company offers three innovative products for consumers unable to qualify for credit from traditional banks, including a socially responsible payday loan alternative called The LendUp Ladder, an installment loan, and a credit card. These products are embedded with financial education programs, and where available, provide access to credit reporting. LendUp’s products, educational experiences and technology are all designed to help customers achieve their short and long-term financial goals and break out of vicious debt cycles.


Using social proof to demonstrate trust and impact

LendUp has unique assets compared to other financial technology companies: its mission, house-built technology and products. These differentiators have led to strong overall customer satisfaction. LendUp aimed to amplify this customer feedback across channels to demonstrate social proof in its products and service.

Trustpilot proved to be the perfect vehicle to easily collect and display customer reviews on landing pages and in search results. This added level of trust enables prospective customers to apply for our products with confidence. In fact, LendUp saw an 7.7% lift in landing page conversion rate for groups exposed to the Trustpilot review widget.

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Humanizing its brand and building credibility

LendUp’s customers have been strong advocates for its products. By empowering customers to share their stories LendUp has been able to humanize its brand and build credibility among prospective customers.

From customers like Noey who struggled to make monthly bills to Charlie who has been working his way towards building his credit, there is a story that any prospective customer can relate to.

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Why LendUp loves Trustpilot

  • Easy-to-use proactive review collection and management solution
  • Increased customer engagement and landing page performance
  • User-friendly service that integrates Google Seller Ratings in paid search ads, boosting customer engagement
  • Excellent account management and customer support

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