Bonds use online reviews to maintain a customer focus

Friday, 8 June 2018
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Did you know the average Australian household has 10 Bonds items in it.

From small beginnings as an underwear manufacturer 100 years ago, Bonds have grown at a tremendous rate to become one of Australia's most well-known clothing brands.

Today, with a product range catering for everybody, Bonds employ over 2,500 staff across Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia.

Clothes are incredibly personal - as Bonds say, clothes are likely to be "the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off."

With such a close relationship between the consumer and the product, understanding the person behind the purchase is key.

To help do this, Bonds joined Trustpilot. Quickly their review count climbed, and with this their connection to their customer base evolved.

Goals with Trustpilot

  • To add transparency to the Bonds site by collecting feedback from their large customer base.

  • To give customers the information they seek from the start so they are more confident to buy.

Why Trustpilot?

For Bonds, a system to collect and showcase the voice of the customer was a must.

“As everything moves online, the differentiators change to customer opinions and feelings rather than price in many cases,” says Ryan Wilson, head of Bonds online.

“We had been looking for options in the online review field for a while when we were contacted by Trustpilot’s Australian team. The most obvious advantage of Trustpilot for us was the ability to scale our online review requirements,” says Ryan.

“The ease of getting started with the Automatic Feedback Service gave us a massive early advantage, but knowing that all core functionality could then be replicated and customised using Trustpilot API at a later stage sealed the deal.”

How Trustpilot reviews shape the customer experience

Bonds display Trustpilot reviews on their homepage, giving customers an overview of the service they can expect.

But perhaps more impressively than this, Bonds actively review and use their customer feedback internally to shape the website itself and to improve processes.

”Trustpilot plays a fundamental role as the primary source of voice of customer insights for our Experience Optimisation Programme, which leads development of our online experience using data-driven, user-first changes,” says Ryan.

“Reviews give customers confidence to buy from us and the opportunity to forward their suggestions for improvement. Feedback helps us stay customer focused and up-to-date. We're always open to new ideas.”

The future of Trustpilot with Bonds

Today, Bonds use Trustpilot for social validation and to see what their customers are thinking. All of this fresh content positively impacts their SEO too.

Going forward, Ryan explains that Bonds want to deepen their customer understanding once more and actively market their Trustpilot reputation.

“We'd like to shift to use API to create customised Trustpilot uses. Right now we’re thinking of using Trustpilot’s custom review tags to further our segmentation,” says Ryan.

“Alongside this, the User Experience and Customer Service teams will continue to analyse feedback so we’re always providing what customers want.”

If you want to start showcasing your company's reputation online too, click below to create a free Trustpilot account.

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