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Evolve your customer service with our new Zendesk integration

Thursday, 7 June 2018
Evolve your customer service with our new Zendesk integration

As customer service has become such a powerful differentiator, user experience with a business will make or break their success.

And with Verint research claiming "85% of consumers say good service affects their buying behavior,” producing excellent customer service can lead to a high return on investment. the return on investment of promising great customer service is certainly high. That's why Trustpilot has partnered with Zendesk, one of the biggest names in the customer service software industry, to create a brand new and exciting integration for our customers.

Our webinar will show you how the Zendesk integration makes customer communication a breeze. Step by step, we’ll show how companies using Zendesk will be able to install a Trustpilot channel side by side with their existing channels (i.e. email, phone, social media) to seamlessly manage customer communication in one place. Also, we’ll showcase how reviews below a particular rating can be converted into a Zendesk ticket, meaning you can dive deeper into customer feedback.

With this integration, ensure you hit your customer service goals every month. Check out our webinar recording below to see just how easy it is to evolve your customer service using our new Zendesk integration.

Who are Zendesk?

So to just get started, first to those who may not be aware of what exactly Zendesk is, some of you may not be using Zendesk in your business, but perhaps you have encountered it as user when submitting questions or requests to businesses you may work with on a day-to-day basis, whether that's in your personal life or your professional life. Zendesk is one of the biggest customer service and support ticket companies in the world, which is no surprise why over 75,000 companies globally, big brands such as Tesco, Vodafone, Xerox, et cetera, et cetera, entrust their customer service with Zendesk.

Here at Trustpilot we're also a Zendesk customer, and we use the software on a day-to-day basis to manage customer inquiries to our support team, as well as all internal requests to our IT team. And our support team is also actively using this integration to manage our own Trustpilot reviews. So that's another reason why we're super excited to share this integration with all of you today on this webinar, because it's something that we really value on our day-to-day work and has really increased our efficiency working with Zendesk and with our Trustpilot reviews as well.

How to evolve your customer service with the Zendesk and Trustpilot integration

So to jump into how exactly can this integration benefit your customer service. So first and foremost, it's probably not a surprise of how important customer service is. It's a no-brainer these days.

Customers will only stay loyal to a company if they have a very good reason to. Otherwise, there's so much competition in the market these days that they could choose to move on to. And as a result, companies these days need to work even harder to keep their customers and to build trust in your brand. And not only is great customer service an indicator of trust and to reinforce your brand, it also really, really can help drive ROI. In fact, according to variant research, 85% of customers say good service affects their buying behavior. So having that really great and strong customer service is not only a great way to engage with your customers, but it's actually a massive driver of revenue growth for your business.

So before we release any of our products, we always do a discovery phase to get insights from beta customers before we launch the product across our global customer base. And one of our customers from a company, RC Willey was one of the first customers to trial the integration. And just to hear it basically from his own words, he has said that it's a massive time saver and it really, really simplifies the communication process and the review management process. And so we wanted to just hear from the customer before we dig into the actual core benefits and walk through the live product demo.

Benefits and best practices when using this integration

First of all, to streamline all customer views and one organized place. Yes, of course, all of you who are using Zendesk, I'm sure that you all really love it because it's really easy to work in and you get everything in one place.

You get to reply publicly to reviews directly from Zendesk. How awesome is that? You get to streamline all the workflows for your support staff as everything stays in Zendesk. And also, all the automations, the triggers, the workflows, the macros, et cetera, that are in Zendesk, they actually also work with the new Trustpilot channel.

That means it's becoming more efficiency and time saved on handling Trustpilot reviews, and more time to engage with your customers directly on Trustpilot.

Boost efficiency for review management. I'm sure that many of you have agents maybe asking for a report on how much time they are spending on replying to reviews. With this cool integration, you save time by setting up automated triggers for selected star ratings. Therefore you can be more efficient about your team's time management for review replies by setting up actions on the star ratings you have chosen to interact with. For example, you can select which domains you want to integrate with and what star ratings you want to reply to. Maybe some of you have more than one domain in Trustpilot and therefore, maybe right now you're only really spending time on one of the domains. And that is the domain you would like to integrate into the channel. Also, you can automate and save time again by triggering, "Thank you for your review. We really love positive feedback," for all your four and five star reviews. And the same time, you can set a priority to all the one and two star reviews to be set as urgent, so they are the first to be handled for your support agents.

The increased visibility on time spent on replying to reviews. As I said before, maybe you as a manager, you want to have a much more clear overview of how much time you are spending on replying to reviews, because definitely it is an investment into your overall reputation. But as a manager, you get a clear reporting on how much time your agents actually are spending on replying to reviews. You also get to see what type of reviews your teams are spending most time on responding to. That could lead to more coaching on specific topics, etc.

Then the last thing is to duplicate your existing Trustpilot tags into Zendesk. Hopefully you're all using our very cool feature where you can tag your reviews to monitor your customers' feedback. When you're doing that, I'm also sure that you're also, as of today analyzing a lot of the tickets that you do receive. And what I want to say here is that by duplicating the tags from the Trustpilot into Zendesk, you are making sure that you have the same data across systems to track on. And I think that is really cool, and that is something that we have done here at Trustpilot as well. And I highly advise you to do the same.

But how does it really look like when you receive a review? We have done some testing of course, to showcase this for you. For example, earlier today, we received a one-star review. "I never received my order." When you receive a review like that, you, of course, want to do something about it. So what we decided here at Trustpilot, is that when we receive a one or two-star review, we want to set the priority as urgent. You can do that with our integration.

So just to take you a little recap on the best practices.

You can set these triggers based on star ratings.

Hopefully, you're already replying to all star ratings. It's what works best, and you look way more professional and trustworthy when you do that.

With this Zendesk integration, you get to set the triggers. You can also create your macros. So you don't need to spend that much time on all cases.

And again, by duplicating your existing Trustpilot tags into Zendesk, you're really ensuring that you get the same data. And you all know how the C-SAT works in Zendesk and put that together with your Trustpilot review tags, you're only enforcing the whole knowledge about the customer journey, which we all know is so important and a very touchy topic at the moment.

If you'd like to learn more about our Integration, check out the page below:


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