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Leveraging your best marketers: Implementing a customer advocacy strategy

Monday, March 19, 2018
leveraging your best marketers with trustpilot

Your customers are more important than you think.

Yes, ultimately, they’re responsible for your company’s success. After all, what is a company without any customers? But your customers have a lot of power and can make an impact beyond revenue. Companies have recently begun to realize how to tap into that potential.

Customer reviews can be used to benefit a business, but reviews are only a subset of customer advocacy marketing - a strategy that utilizes customers across multiple marketing channels.

Customer advocacy is best exemplified by the advent and adoption of social media among all brands, large and small. A strong social media presence has proven to be a major asset for brands. When customers take the time to talk about your product or service in a good light, other potential customers listen because they may be looking for a brand with a reputation they can trust.

To learn how to start implementing a customer advocacy strategy and learn from the brands who have succeeded doing so, check out a recording of our webinar below.


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