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A healthy TrustScore means happier customers… and higher ROI

Thursday, 23 May 2024
A healthy TrustScore means happier customers… and higher ROI

*Trustpilot’s TrustScore has always helped businesses measure their reputation management. New research shows it’s also a clear indicator of increased business performance. *

In today’s rapidly changing economy, trust plays an increasingly crucial role. It’s not just a buzzword, but a key driver in global and local markets that heavily influences purchasing decisions. 

Trust reduces risk and boosts consumer confidence, fostering positive relationships between buyers and sellers. But can you quantify the return on investment linked to trust? The answer is yes, through Trustpilot’s star rating, or TrustScore.

The Financial Impact of a High TrustScore

A year of data across millions of reviews shows a clear link between TrustScore and purchase behavior. When a business achieves a TrustScore of 4 or higher, consumers are significantly more likely to make a purchase. This highlights Trustpilot’s critical role in driving business success and boosting your bottom line.

Since most Trustpilot review invitations are triggered by post-purchase events—like order confirmations or shipping notifications—these reviews serve as a reliable indicator of actual purchases.

Tracking consumers from a business’s Trustpilot profile page, through receiving a review invitation, to leaving a review, reveals that a higher TrustScore significantly boosts purchase conversion rates. Simply put, the higher the score, the better the conversion.

This trend holds true for both mid-size businesses and large enterprises. Enterprises (250+ employees) with a TrustScore between 4 and 5 see 8 times the purchase conversion on average compared to those with a TrustScore between 3 and 4. For mid-size businesses (50-250 employees), the impact is even greater, with a 9-fold increase in purchase conversion rates.

Improving your TrustScore by a full point might seem daunting, but even small increases can yield significant gains. Our data shows that for businesses starting with a TrustScore of 3.4, every additional 0.2 points leads to a 50% increase in the average purchase conversion.

Amplify your marketing with Trustpilot stars

The link between TrustScore and purchase conversion underscores Trustpilot’s impact on business growth. But not every consumer journey starts on Trustpilot.com. That’s why we position ourselves as more than just a review platform; we’re a strategic partner that provides third-party validation and rich user-generated content to enhance your marketing at every stage.

Recent third-party research demonstrates that showcasing your TrustScore and review content wherever you engage customers can significantly boost conversion rates, enhancing your ROI from advertising spend.

A Kantar study found that Incorporating the Trustpilot brand in TV advertisements increased likelihood to purchase from or endorse businesses by 8 percentage points. Another study by London Research showed that display ads featuring a five-star Trustpilot score, 3,000+ reviews, and an actual customer review performed 12 times as well as the same ad with no Trustpilot components. Even with a 20% price increase, Trustpilot-branded ads outperformed non-branded ads. Additionally, these ads performed 3.5 times better than those with competitors' logos. 

On your website, Trustpilot reviews can have a massive impact. 73.6% of Trustpilot visitors say they are more likely to purchase from a website displaying Trustpilot reviews. For example, Scrum.org saw a 27% increase in website conversions and Flowers.ie saw an increase of 37% by leveraging our review widgets across their site

How to boost your TrustScore and drive growth

Higher TrustScores correlate with better conversion rates. Focusing on improving your TrustScore can lead to quick and substantial gains. Automating review invitations is an effective first step—94% of new users who automated review invites in 2023 saw their TrustScores increase.

The best way to improve your TrustScore is to enhance your customer experience. Our tools, like Review Insights, use AI to regularly deliver actionable insights from your customer reviews, helping you identify areas where you exceed expectations and where improvements are needed.

We also offer review management tools, such as AI-Assisted review responses, which help you respond to reviews at scale and resolve negative experiences quickly, often leading customers to revise their reviews positively. Our TrustScore Forecast feature helps you anticipate changes in your TrustScore, allowing for proactive management.

Ready to see these results for your business? Request a personalized demo to learn more about how Trustpilot can help you improve your TrustScore and conversion rates across the board. 


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