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5 Landing page best practices

Monday, 14 May 2018
5 Landing page best practices

Landing pages are a proven way to drive and convert traffic. Yet 78% of businesses are not satisfied with conversion rates. Are your landing pages working as well as they should be?

If you’re like the majority of marketers unhappy with the performance of their landing pages, check out these tips below to improve conversions and increase ROI from your ad spend.

The latest landing page best practices

1. Split test landing pages

Only 56% of businesses who are leveraging landing pages actually test and optimize them. But why invest the time and resources to create landing pages and send paid traffic if the pages aren’t performing optimally? Without knowing what’s working to convert traffic, you’re leaving money on the table.

2. Message match

This is probably the most crucial way to reduce bounce rate and increase landing page conversions. Make sure the offer in your ad is precisely the same as the page it leads traffic to, otherwise there’s slim chance anyone will stay on your site, much less convert.

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ClassPass' Ad and landing page, both sporting a solid message match: "5 Classes for $19" Limited Trial. Sources: Google.com, ClassPass.com

3. Create urgency

When someone arrives on your landing page, you don’t have their attention for very long. It's important that your page is compelling, relevant, and urges the visitor to take action. How can you do this?

Imply scarcity, using phrases like: “limited supply” or “time is running out”. You can also go the extra mile by including live countdown until the offer expires, or by adding a pop up with the deadline, like Rush49 does below:

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Rush49 PPC landing page. Source: rush49.com

4. Use your customer's language

Your offer isn’t compelling if your customer doesn’t understand it. Connect with your target market by using their language in your copy. One effective way of identifying your customer language is by mining customer comments and reviews to see the way your customers describe your company and product. Then adopt their language.

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Dashlane landing page, customer review of Dashlane. Sources: Dashlane.com, Trustpilot.com

5. Convey trust with testimonials or reviews

The more someone trusts you, the more likely they are to convert. Customers will trust the testimonials of their peers over the claims of the business, every time. So why not test how incorporating reviews on your landing page? You could see a 33% increase in conversion rates, like CitizenShipper did below:

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CitizenShipper landing page. Source: Trustpilot blog

How are your landing pages performing? Leave a comment and let us know any tips we've missed, or best practices for your landing pages.

P.S. Some stats and suggestions came from these blog posts from Impact and eConsultancy.

Also check out our to learn how one of partners improved landing page performance with tips 4 and 5.

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