How Wilson Storage uses Trustpilot to build trust in a highly competitive market

How Wilson Storage uses Trustpilot to build trust in a highly competitive market

Wednesday, 11 May 2022
How Wilson Storage uses Trustpilot to build trust in a highly competitive market

Wilson Storage is an Australian self-storage company offering a range of storage services including residential, commercial, wine, boat and vehicle storage.

It is Australia's only fully ISO Certified storage operator, which also offers a range of support services for businesses including pick and pack, receipt and dispatch and office spaces for hire.

Wilson Group has been providing services for more than 50 years – via parking services, professional security and patrols, property management and leading technology solutions. Their success right across the Asia Pacific region has been achieved through superior performance and the strength of their relationships.

Wilson Storage incorporates the very best range of services – quality asset protection and security, strong customer service principles and of course, state-of-the-art communication channels including voice, CCTV, intercom and national control rooms.

Wilson Storage takes pride in its customer service too. The business is passionate about providing 5-star service, and that shows. Currently rated 4.9/5 on Trustpilot from over 1,300 reviews, it is safe to say that Wilson Storage takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

In this case study, we speak to Jon Larkin, CEO at Wilson Storage to better understand why the business chose Trustpilot to build consumer trust, and how they’ve implemented reviews throughout their marketing channels since 2015.

1. Why Wilson Storage chose Trustpilot

Wilson Storage began using Trustpilot to demonstrate the strength of the company’s leading customer service. Being a third-party (and impartial) review platform, Trustpilot allowed them to share the many positive reviews and feedback they were hearing in a way their potential new customers could trust. The simple integration into their existing website was also a contributing factor to their decision to use Trustpilot.

“Wilson Storage customers are often storing thousands of dollars worth of possessions. Trustworthiness is essential to the company’s reputation when so many self storage options are available to them. Ensuring we can share the experiences of previous satisfied customers is crucial,” explains Jon.

Self-storage is a highly competitive and price-driven market – customer service and reputation are truly valuable in driving enquiry. Trustpilot is and will continue to be crucial in helping Wilson Storage convey the high quality of their products and services through the trusted positive reviews and comments of their previous and existing customers.

2. How Wilson Storage leverages the voice of the customer

Wilson Storage uses Trustpilot reviews in many different ways.

The business currently displays customer feedback throughout the buying journey: from the website homepage and search campaigns, to emails, social channels and retargeting ads.

wilson storage social media

“We have included Trustpilot in Google Search Campaigns, as well as retargeting and Social (Instagram and Facebook) campaigns built around the notion of Wilson Storage’s ‘5-Star Storage’ offering. We also display Trustpilot across our website, and at the bottom of each of our email campaigns to reinforce the positive experience of previous customers and show how transparent we are regarding our services,” Jon reports.

wilson storage newsletter

The team also chose to set up individual reviews for each of their locations, allowing the business to gather both general reviews and reviews specific to each branch. This gives Wilson Storage pinpointed feedback on how individual locations are performing in terms of customer service.

wilson storage location reviews

Example of location reviews

3. How Wilson Storage uses API invitations to encourage feedback

“Automated reviews have been the biggest Trustpilot benefit with regard to business efficiency. We used to manually send out review requests once a month. Having implemented the full API, we have now set up the review request to be automatically sent to customers when they move in and move out. It also means all reviews on our website are constantly kept up to date without us having to chase customers,” says Jon.

This has increased Wilson Storage’s Trustpilot reviews dramatically as they are now reaching out to customers at the right point and time. More importantly, the automated reviews also take out the manual work for staff, freeing them up for more customer-focused service.

“Automation saves us at least two hours of work a month, and our reviews have increased by 140% from January 2021 to January 2022 thanks to Trustpilot’s automated invitation method.”

If you’d like to see similar results, and learn how reviews can help you build trust, speak to one of our experts – it’s quick and easy, just request a free demo below.


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