How digital agency Adtrak boosted their client’s conversions using Trustpilot

Friday, November 15, 2019

Why Trustpilot?

Adtrak chose Trustpilot to help them improve the quality and quantity of leads generated from the website.

With Trustpilot’s help, the digital agency wanted to help Clockwork Removals increase their website traffic through positive search display features which would boost click-through rate and once on the website, would convert more visitors into leads thanks to the power of social proof.

Joe Rowntree, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Adtrak, explains: “Choosing the right removal company is an important decision as your chosen company is responsible for the safe transport of your beloved possessions, and also because moving home is likely to be an extremely stressful day and the right company should assist and support you as much as possible. Therefore, choosing a good removal company is of paramount importance, which means it’s highly likely that people’s decision-making process will be far longer and drawn out than for other industries.” Being able to have positive reviews featured across this research process, in the search results, on a third-party website like Trustpilot, and also displayed on Clockwork Removals’ own website was massively important to Adtrak when they chose to partner with Trustpilot.

Building trust earlier in the funnel

To make the most of Trustpilot reviews, Adtrak and Clockwork Removals implemented Google Seller Ratings, a feature which allows businesses already collecting reviews from Google review partners such as Trustpilot to showcase their overall rating in paid ads on search engine results pages.

Google Seller Ratings

With Google Seller Ratings, Clockwork Removals saw an incredible 11% click-through rate increase YoY. And there’s more...

Rich Snippets

Clockwork Removals also saw an increase in website traffic thanks to Rich Snippet stars, displayed underneath their Trustpilot profile page URL! In the next section, Adtrak tells us how reviews helped them convert all of their new traffic.

Improving how traffic converts on-site

To help convert more visitors into customers, Adtrak had to make a few changes to Clockwork Removals’ website in order to improve the overall customer journey, reduce consumer doubt, and build trust at every touch point.

To do so, Adtrak and Clockwork Removals added Trustpilot widgets to key landing pages throughout the website. They also added reviews to local branch pages (SEO landing pages) to provide more credibility and local relevance.

From May to September 2019, compared to December 2018 to April 2019, Clockwork Removals saw their conversion rate skyrocket 19%. This then led to a 19% decrease in the cost of a new PPC lead.

After a lot of research and testing which showed the positive impact of Trustpilot reviews on client results, Adtrak is currently looking to implement the Trustpilot widgets throughout more stages of the buying journey to see further improvements and help more clients like Clockwork Removals.

Adtrak and Clockwork Removals are securing a trusted, transparent future with Trustpilot reviews. Isn’t it time you joined them?