5 ways Vivint uses reviews to generate quality leads

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Our goal is to add trust factors at every touch point in the consumer journey. Trustpilot has helped us significantly boost CTR on ads and conversions on landing pages.
Jacob Parry - Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

Vivint Smart Home, a leading smart home company, offers homeowners a comprehensive suite of products and services to remotely control, monitor, and manage their homes using any smart device. Vivint wanted to increase its brand awareness in the crowded and fragmented smart home market.


Grow Vivint’s reputation and build trust throughout the customer journey, ultimately helping consumers choose Vivint as their smart home solution.

Work & Results

1. Build online reputation

Reputation is usually built on the foundation of customer satisfaction, so Vivint started by asking their customers post-installation to leave a review about their experience via Trustpilot’s platform. Since beginning their partnership with Trustpilot in April 2014, Vivint has collected over 1,200 reviews, 81% of which are 4 and 5 star.

2. Optimize paid search with GSRs

The quickest way Vivint was able to determine ROI from reviews was adding Google Seller Ratings to their paid search ads. Over the course of a year, they saw an increase in click-through-rates of 56% for brand search terms and 94% for non-brand search terms, driving more qualified traffic to their site.

3. Convert paid traffic to leads

When a user clicks on a paid ad, they are driven to a landing page whose sole purpose is to entice someone to take a specific action. Conveying trust is a key way to optimize landing pages to improve ROI from paid search campaigns.

Vivint put trust to the test by A/B testing how non-brand search term landing pages performed when incorporating Trustpilot reviews. The goal of this landing page is to drive leads by either form completion or inbound calls.

Over the 28-day testing period, Vivint saw a 12% overall improvement in conversions from the version of the landing page with the Trustpilot reviews, contributing to 13% more in sales revenue. Furthermore, inbound calls, which convert twice as well into sales as form completions, saw a 17% increase in conversions.