6 ways Dashlane realized ROI from reviews

Friday, March 23, 2018

As more and more personal data is stored online, and personal and business data blending more than ever, the threat of identity hackers and security breaches is at an all time high. Dashlane is the most secure password manager online, but this is a difficult message to communicate to prospects. The only question that matters to people when looking to store their passwords is, “Can you be trusted?”


Leverage reviews from past customers to establish trust with future ones and grow their business.

Work and Results

Step 1: Building an online reputation

When your business is storing sensitive personal data, consumer trust is critical to gaining new business. So Dashlane realized that they needed to build their reputation where their prospects are looking for it - online.

“A primary reason we partnered with Trustpilot was a reference from a new employee,” says David, Head of Organic Marketing at Dashlane. “The cost was fair and he said we’d make the money back in a second. And he was right. We looked at the performance after the first week and everyone said “oh wow!” and we’ve only seen the value and ROI multiply ever since.”

Dashlane partnered with Trustpilot in May 2015 and quickly gained tons of reviews to back their reputation. The most impressive part? Over 97% of their reviews are 4 and 5 star, proving their dedication to customer satisfaction once more.

Step 2: Increase paid search traffic

In just a month, Dashlane gained enough reviews with Trustpilot to qualify for a Google Seller Rating extension on their ad campaign. This star rating was included in their PPC ads to differentiate their business and establish credibility even before someone visits their page. The results from this simple addition were dramatic, they saw a 93% lift in click-through-rates driving more traffic to their site.

Step 3: Maximize ROI from paid search

Dashlane didn’t stop there. They also displayed Trustpilot reviews on their paid ad landing pages to help convert their increased traffic into customers. This resulted in an increase in conversion rate of 14.5%, bringing more downloads, customers, and ROI from paid ads.

Step 4: Convert browsers into customers

Dashlane also displayed reviews on their homepage to help convert high intent visitors and increase downloads. They A/B tested two different Trustpilot widgets on their homepage and found that both improved conversions. They then displayed both widgets but in different places on their site to test the impact on consumer confidence. The results showed that this was the optimal solution and drove a 4.3% increase in downloads.

Step 5: Optimize email marketing

Dashlane’s standard password manager is free so that everyone can enjoy the simple and secure solution. They also offer a premium version allowing users to sync across all devices and automatically back-up passwords. Getting free users to realize the value of their premium offering and upgrade is critical to their business. Given this, Dashlane focused on creating a highly optimized email campaign, driving tons of upgrades. Yet they found they could improve performance even further by adding Trustpilot reviews. This additional 1% in click-through-rate is substantial given its already high performance.