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Saturday, 19 August 2023 Case Study Publishing

The insurance experts use Trustpilot to prove that their revamped brand is backed by 40 years of industry experience…and happy clients.

The challenge is designed to simplify buying and managing insurance online, giving busy professionals peace of mind with quality coverage all in one place. And with 40 years in the industry, it goes without saying that their business has evolved quite a bit over time. 

After recently rebranding their online division, they found themselves introducing a new brand and client journey in a crowded market with decades worth of existing clients at stake. Success for their rebrand came down to seamlessly transitioning those existing clients — who weren’t always the most tech savvy or open to change — to their online platform.

The team at knew better than anyone that when a business takes on that kind of risk, they need insurance. 

Enter: Trustpilot. 

“We really didn’t want to lose the traction we built over a number of decades with the new brand. So we needed to leverage social proof to show that our clients have remained with us over the years, and extend that trust into the new brand.”
Avner Kooperman
CMO at

The solution

It’s no secret that insurance is seen as a grudge purchase that no one particularly looks forward to making — despite being one of the most important purchasing decisions people can make. Your insurance company is who you call when things go wrong, so they have to be a company you trust. 

To carry over their trusted legacy to the new brand, they would need to collect and display reviews from their existing client base to reflect the decades worth of positive experiences clients have had with their insurance offering. CS - image 1

For, choosing Trustpilot reviews was an easy decision. Not only had the management team already used them at previous companies to great effect, but Trustpilot’s seamless integrations meant they could easily integrate reviews with their customer onboarding and other major touchpoints. The ability to highlight verified reviews sealed the deal. CS - image 2

With Trustpilot integrated into their CMS, shows off reviews on their homepage and across their website. Reviews also feature heavily in their Zoho email campaigns and policy management system to trigger a relevant Trustpilot review whenever they send out a policy document to client, providing extra reassurance at a critical touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. 

To get a competitive edge in the industry and support their own marketing claims, they also collect and display reviews at three other key moments in the journey:

  1. When new clients convert, to prove that other individuals/businesses have seen value in their offering and proposition.

  2. When existing clients renew, to prove that other individual businesses have had a good experience and stayed loyal over time.

  3. Most importantly, when a claim is filed, to prove the true value of their insurance offering: their ability to manage. CS - image 3
“Claims can be very stressful for clients, so showing off how we handle and manage the process to make life easier for our customers is paramount.”
Avner Kooperman
CMO at

The results set a goal for the first 12 months of their rebrand to successfully transition their existing client base to the new digital platform by offering up Trustpilot reviews. The reviews detailed a smooth transition and a positive client experience, supported by a helpful customer service team. By surfacing relevant reviews from clients who had already made a successful transition, were able achieve their goal. CS - image 4
“Our business is based primarily on partnerships and relationships, so missing out on the social proof Trustpilot affords us would be a huge loss. It’s one thing for us to say how great we are, and another to point to the tens of thousands of clients that think we’re great.”
Avner Kooperman
CMO at

Compared to previous years, they saw a better retention rate with their new brand. And thanks to all those loyal customers, achieved a TrustScore of 4.3 — 19% greater than the global industry standard TrustScore of 3.6 in the insurance industry.

In observing these sentiments and insights from Trustpilot’s competitor benchmarking tool, they can easily adopt what’s working, and work on what’s not serving their customers. Moreover, they can easily demonstrate their TrustScore and customer appreciation to prospects in social media campaigns and sales discussions, fostering greater trust and confidence in their offering. CS - image 5

They even use their TrustScore internally as a KPI for overall business and brand performance. But the negative reviews are just as valuable, providing an opportunity for to publicly respond and make the situation right. 

“Trustpilot gives happy customers a place to share their experiences, and for us to respond to the customers who might not have. Without it, we’d have to handle customer support on less controllable channels like social media comments and unverified reviews.”
Avner Kooperman
CMO at CS - image 6

Beyond just social proof and marketing, Trustpilot reviews have become critical to their long term success as a business, shaping their customer service and product delivery. 

“We’re constantly looking at the insights module to find ways we can improve. We feed all the insights back to our customer service team so they can optimise the customer service experience based on the trends and feedback coming through Trustpilot.”
Avner Kooperman
CMO at

Reviews helped carry over the trusted legacy they built over decades to their new brand. Get a free demo with our experts on how to use trust to improve your business:


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