Building trust without breaking the bank: TurboDebt + Trustpilot

Monday, 24 July 2023
TurboDebt customer story

In an industry rife with scammers and false promises, debt relief company TurboDebt needed to establish trust and credibility with potential customers. Some of its competitors were already using Trustpilot, and because of Trustpilot’s huge reach, TurboDebt shifted its online marketing efforts to Trustpilot.

Building trust through social media ads

TurboDebt incorporated Trustpilot branding into their most successful Facebook and Instagram ads based on debt amounts and general cost per closed deal. These ads are simple and straight to the point: “TurboDebt can help you without taking out a loan or declaring bankruptcy. Swipe up to see if your debt is eligible.” This also highlights the main pain points of their target audience.

Surprisingly, these social media ads worked well when targeting a cold audience (versus retargeting campaigns that focused on existing/warmer leads). Despite seeing a slightly higher lead cost (about 40%), the ads with Trustpilot branding saw conversion rates nearly double — making this a highly effective strategy overall. 

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Another interesting discovery: TurboDebt’s Trustpilot ads resonated with younger males (ages 25–44), who hadn’t been a primary audience in the past. This allowed the company to expand its marketing to a different demographic, opening up new prospects.

Working with a Meta sales rep to manage your digital ad spend is very helpful on Meta-owned platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but reps are sometimes wary of debt relief companies, so they often won’t work with them. Positive Trustpilot reviews help boost credibility so that TurboDebt can show its reliability as a company.


Boosting credibility on the TurboDebt website

TurboDebt uses multiple Trustpilot widgets across its website. The homepage has a section dedicated to customer reviews, and a custom version of the mini website widget displays the Trustpilot logo, trust score, star rating and total number of reviews. Real customer testimonials include key aspects about how these customers benefited from TurboDebt’s services.

The website also includes a dedicated customer reviews landing page that uses two varieties of Trustpilot review widgets. This assures visitors that others have had positive experiences with TurboDebt. Some of these positive reviews mention a representative by name, and that increases employee morale. In some cases, those representatives share positive reviews on their LinkedIn or other social channels.

Although TurboDebt has amassed more than 7,500 5-star reviews in about a year, not all the reviews are positive. The small number of negative reviews displayed shows visitors that the company is transparent, boosting the credibility of positive reviews. Depending on the nature of the negative review, TurboDebt brings up trends to the larger team so they can address the issue or reach out to the reviewer for more information.

Lastly, TurboDebt placed the Trustpilot review widgets beneath the form on its Apply Now page. By prominently displaying Trustpilot reviews, TurboDebt hoped to increase consumer confidence in its business at this pivotal moment in the sales funnel. It’s experienced up to a 14% increase in conversion rates since adding the review widget to its Apply Now landing page.

Improving search engine optimization to drive quality site traffic

TurboDebt ranks as the No. 1 best company in the debt relief service and financial consultant categories on Trustpilot. Having that organic listing in search results has been a huge boost to TurboDebt’s SEO and produces higher-quality search traffic.

Trustpilot’s business profile consistently ranks in the top five for key search terms, displaying the five-star rating and positive reviews to increase customer confidence. TurboDebt gets about 1,000 clicks per month to its Trustpilot profile, and about 20% of these visits are ultimately referred to TurboDebt’s website each period. 

“Reputation management is a key focus for us as we continue to rapidly expand and build our brand. And because there are still many people that are skeptical about companies like ours in the debt relief industry, we’ve made obtaining legitimate business reviews a top priority.”
Wes Silver
Director of SEO at TurboDebt

With customers understandably choosy about who they do business with, trust matters now more than ever. However, simply building a solid reputation with customers isn’t enough. Companies must make their brand’s positive reputation visible so that current and future customers know who to trust.

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