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Building Trust Through Debt Consolidation: Beyond Finance + Trustpilot

Monday, 9 October 2023
Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance, LLC is on a mission to help people who find themselves in a financial bind. As an advocate for debt consolidation and resolution, the company’s success depends on building and reaffirming trust with clients.

Achieving debt relief requires people to have heard of the debt resolution company, and not everyone in financial distress knows Beyond Finance is an option. They might take out another loan, resign themselves to making minimum payments without making a dent in their debt, or see bankruptcy as their only recourse—a path that has long-term implications.

Even when people do seek help with debt consolidation, there are many companies to choose from. There are also misconceptions about an industry in which the ins and outs of negotiations and how settlements are secured aren’t always transparent to those who find themselves in financial distress.

Beyond Finance relies on its Trustpilot partnership to stand out from competitors, educate the market, and build trust with clients through customer reviews.

“​​Debt consolidation services can be less known to consumers as a viable, credible, and regulated solution toward becoming debt free. Often, consumers turn to us when they are in a tough place. Trustpilot gives us the opportunity to showcase the value we deliver to the hundreds of thousands of clients we serve, how our solutions work, and the results people are able to achieve."
Daphne Lyketsos
Community and Online Reputation Manager, Beyond Finance

Trustpilot reviews inspire confidence

Educating someone in debt about the various ways Beyond Finance can help begins with establishing trust: Potential clients want to know that the company has a proven track record. The best way to do that? Customer reviews—firsthand accounts of positive experiences with Beyond Finance from those who have used their services. But sometimes, people get busy and forget to post a review. That’s where Trustpilot reminder emails come into play. 

Over the last year, automated Trustpilot reminder emails have accounted for 35.5% of Beyond Finance's invitation conversions. The company has found that Trustpilot's invitation method in which the invite comes from Trustpilot rather than directly from Beyond Finance provides a higher conversion rate than other review platforms that do not have that capability.

TrustBox review widgets cement credibility and drive conversions

A variety of Trustpilot’s TrustBox review widgets, which display Beyond Finance’s Trustpilot star rating and reviews, populate the Beyond Finance website as well as its email marketing campaigns to foster credibility for visitors evaluating its offerings. The display API for TrustBox review widgets enables the company to customize how Trustpilot reviews are displayed. Beyond Finance also uses Trustpilot social media tools to share reviews on its Facebook page.

Beyond Finance leverages Trustpilot widgets across a number of touchpoints for both acquisition and existing customer marketing. Additionally, a Beyond Finance brand, Accredited Debt Relief, features its own Trustpilot widget across assets including its highly trafficked hom page.

Specific reviews that highlight Beyond Finance’s strengths are used in its emails, website funnels, and landing pages, along with Trustpilot ratings. These act as a trust builder for the company’s prospective and existing clients. The company considers the Trustpilot logo a “must have.” 

A channel for building trust

Customer feedback is especially important to Beyond Finance, whether it’s a rave review or comments from someone who doesn’t feel fully satisfied with their experience. At the end of the day, Trustpilot reviews allow Beyond Finance to understand what they can do better. As satisfying as it is to receive customer praise, it’s also rewarding to directly address any customer concerns and see what could have been a two-star rating turn into a five-star review.

Closing feedback loop

Beyond Finance is a long-term user of Trustpilot and considers them a top customer review platform. Because of Trustpilot’s interaction capabilities, Beyond Finance is able to close feedback loops with its sales and onboarding agents and share reviews—both positive and negative—with its client success team. 

Those feedback loops might inform changes to the client experience, updates to the language used in communications, or modifications to employee training. Ultimately, feedback via Trustpilot touches every department and is essential for improving the client experience with the Beyond Finance program.

The company has also connected Trustpilot to its Data Cloud using the Connect Add-On Module so that it can further integrate review data with its own database, allowing it to tie reviewer information to other performance metrics.

A boost in performance metrics

While Beyond Finance’s Trustpilot’s rating was solid at 4.4/5 in February 2022, since its incorporation of interactive Trustpilot features that allows it to engage with reviewers, its rating has improved to 4.6/5 as of July 2023. This strong rating is visible to the hundreds of thousands of organic impressions that Beyond Finance’s Trustpilot profile has received to date.

Trustpilot regularly provides learning opportunities for Beyond Finance to improve on each client interaction, and most of all, bolsters its legitimacy and transparency with clients who are struggling with debt and looking for a solution they can understand and trust. 

Trust is not a unique requirement for the debt consolidation services industry or the broader financial sector—it matters in every industry. Trustpilot allows companies to cultivate trust and highlight that earned trustworthiness across multiple channels. 

If you are looking to quickly improve on-page metrics, CTR, conversion rates, social engagement, and customer interaction, take the first step and book a demo with an expert to learn more about Trustpilot here.


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