How SmartBuyGlasses is building trust, credibility and a vision for success with Trustpilot

Monday, 20 May 2024
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SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies, with a presence across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Americas. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the eyewear e-retailer has taken a leadership position in more than 30 countries worldwide and offers an extensive range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at accessible prices.

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Its mission: to help people see and be healthy, regardless of their budget. This mission is achieved through an integrated supply chain, close relationships with some of the world’s leading eyewear distributors, technological innovation, in-house opticians, and careful consideration of their customers’ needs.

Building public trust was especially important to SmartBuyGlasses. As prescription eyewear is a health-related category, prospective customers are especially cautious about who they buy from. SmartBuyGlasses needed a platform to help it build a solid reputation of trust. 

The company saw Trustpilot as a global market leader in providing verified customer reviews and star ratings, helping them build and expand their positive reputation. Trustpilot improved trust in the SmartBuyGlasses brand and boosted its reputation among customers, making 80% of their reviews 5-star. 

“We started with the basic plan, and upon realizing the benefits, it became clear that expanding and adding more features was the right choice. We are now using service reviews and the automatic invitation system, where customers are asked to leave a review at the end of their journey with us.”
Rafael Vazquez
Customer Service Senior Team Leader

Building trust through different channels 

SmartBuyGlasses strategically integrated Trustpilot reviews throughout their customer journey, including trust signals everywhere from social media to the company website. 

On social media, reviews were featured in both static single-image and carousel ads on their Facebook company page. The static ads showcased positive reviews, while the carousel ads took a more comprehensive approach, using a title slide and a service review to offer a glimpse into the holistic customer experience. 

The week’s top five service reviews are featured on all SmartBuyGlasses social media channels, primarily in Instagram stories.

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From a website standpoint, SmartBuyGlasses added Trustpilot reviews to their product pages to display their Excellent TrustScore and product-specific reviews. This way, new site visitors can see existing customers’ experiences with specific products. Some reviews include images of customers wearing eyewear, helping potential buyers visualize how the products look when worn.

Product pages also feature a dedicated section titled “Why Buy From Us.” 

“Our goal is to follow the customers through their journey with positive reviews and feedback from our existing customers. We strive to simplify the buying process and offer confidence to those who trust us with their eyewear,” says Rafael. 

In addition to appearing prolifically across product pages, TrustBox widgets feature heavily on the SmartBuyGlasses home page, footer, cart page, and checkout area, ensuring the customer journey is wrapped up nicely with social proof at every step. 

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While increasing its credibility by including reviews across many of SmartBuyGlasses’ promotional channels, Trustpilot also bolstered its SEO efforts, improving ranking for relevant keywords and, as Rafael explained, this “resulted in greater customer trust.”

“Trustpilot has not only improved trust in our brand and boosted our customer reputation but also given us a better insight into customer needs. By analyzing the feedback and reviews on Trustpilot, we have been able to identify areas for improvement and address customer concerns more efficiently,” says Rafael. 

Finding the right time for feedback requests

The team actively encourages customer feedback by optimizing their review request timing using automated review invites. The SmartBuyGlasses team can maximize review rates and gather valuable insights by sending invites at opportune moments during the customer journey. 

“We consider timing and send invites at the end of customers’ purchase experience with us when they are more likely to provide feedback,” says Rafael. 

Eyes on the future

When reviewing their experience with Trustpilot, Rafael says it comes down to the power of authenticity. 

“The most significant advantage we’ve seen is our brand's increased credibility and enhanced reputation. Customers will always believe other customers ahead of brand promises, and Trustpilot provides them easy access to these genuine customer reviews. Without Trustpilot, garnering the same faith in our company’s products and services would be much more challenging.”

The SmartBuyGlasses team recently added Product Reviews to their Trustpilot package. Additionally, their 4.7 TrustScore will be featured in packaging materials so that customers will be reminded to leave a review when they receive their products. 

However, the most exciting plan in development is a Trustpilot dedicated landing page where customers can access as many testimonials as possible. We can’t wait to see the result. 


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