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Bridging the gap: How Mazuma Mobile’s team used Trustpilot to improve customer service


For some people, trading in their mobile phone or personal use device is like losing a part of themselves. The idea of it being lost or stolen in transit only adds to the stress, especially when a financial loss is involved. 


Mazuma Mobile aimed to showcase its reliability and trustworthiness through star ratings and social proof. They also wanted to improve customer understanding and overall service offerings using customer sentiment analysis offered by Trustpilot.


The results of Mazuma’s innovative use of Trustpilot have been outstanding. In the last 12 months, Mazuma Mobile's Trustpilot profile has had approximately 900,000 Google Impressions, an increase of 188% year-on-year.  Additionally, the click-through rate of Google Ads has improved massively, partly due to Trustpilot’s inclusion. 

Additionally, many customers are concerned about the personal and financial details they have on their devices falling into the wrong hands.It's important for businesses operating in this space to build trust with customers at the outset, which is why Mazuma Mobile turned to Trustpilot.

About Mazuma Mobile

Regarding reputation, Mazuma Mobile has built a solid one as a technology recycler in the UK. 

Established in 2006, the company offers a sustainable way for customers to dispose of their old and broken tech gadgets, allowing thousands of customers to earn quick cash for their unwanted devices. 

In addition to trading in old tech, Mazuma now offers a range of refurbished devices, including smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, tablets, and game consoles, at great prices through their online store. 

To ensure that the devices they sell meet high standards, all gadgets are thoroughly tested and repaired if any issues are detected during inspection.

“Trustpilot has proven to be a useful tool for both our Marketing and Customer Service teams. Customer Service can use Trustpilot to highlight potential gaps in our service by monitoring when we miss the mark with certain customers.”

Megan Davison
Head of Marketing at Mazuma Mobile


increase in reviews over the past year.


reviews in total.


of UK consumers surveyed in 2021 agree that a good Trustpilot score makes them more likely to buy from a brand.

Calling in Trustpilot for a marketing boost

The team at Mazuma Mobile has utilized Trustpilot's platform to maintain its reputation as a market leader and enhance operational efficiency by analyzing customer reviews. 

Mazuma Mobile's reputation management strategy includes paid social media featuring star ratings and Trustpilot widgets on their website, particularly on key pages such as the sell and shop pages.

Mazuma’s star ratings and customer reviews are used prolifically throughout their paid and organic social channels to get the message of trust across to a wider audience faster.

In its organic social media strategy, Mazuma emphasizes the specific benefits of its service, such as speed of payment, pleasant customer service, and general efficiency. 

Paid social channels mainly concentrate on top-of-the-funnel content through Facebook and Instagram ads that target potential customers and retarget visitors who have visited the website but have not yet placed a trade-in order.

“From a marketing perspective, we’re able to highlight the positives our service provides, helping us create compelling ad and social media copy that is true to the customer experience” says Megan Davison, Head of Marketing at Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma's mail just got better

Mazuma Mobile also incorporated Trustpilot into its email advertising by including customer reviews in the imagery of emails to encourage its mailing list to trade in more old technology.

Additionally, they utilized Trustpilot to obtain more reviews by incorporating their star rating into their regular marketing emails and creating specific campaigns that focused on generating reviews.

This action resulted in a 9% increase in reviews over the past year, adding to their nearly 138,000 reviews in total.

Operational excellence through customer feedback 

Mazuma’s review strategy has produced unique opportunities for the company, namely in creating a customer review page dedicated to Trustpilot customer review widgets and its processes. 

“Trustpilot has proven to be a useful tool for both our Marketing and Customer Service teams. Customer Services can use Trustpilot to highlight potential gaps in our service by monitoring when we miss the mark with certain customers. 

“This has helped us streamline several processes due to an influx of reviews that mentioned similar disappointments or suggestions for improvement. This is something we’re always looking to do, as a smoother process is likely to lead to better outcomes for ourselves and customers,” states Megan. 

For added customer satisfaction, Mazuma Mobile took it further by using Trustpilot Review Insights to drive service improvements, something Megan notes has highlighted the true feelings of customers. 

“Trustpilot has enabled us to clearly observe the general sentiment among our customers in a way that has been effective.”

By closely monitoring the content of negative reviews, Mazuma was able to identify areas where their services needed some work. 

Through Mazuma’s experience of using Trustpilot's Review Insights, the team realized the potential of spotting customer trends at an early stage. This helped them make the necessary adaptations in their processes as soon as possible, improving their business operations at all levels. 

With this process in place, Mazuma can focus on improving the areas that need attention. Alternatively, with positive feedback, they can double down on what they do best. This helps them allocate the right resources and continue to build on their solid standing in the technology recycling sector.

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