Increase conversion rates, recover abandoned sales and drive customer loyalty with SaleCycle.

SaleCycle, a behavioral marketing company founded in 2010, helps leading brands such as IKEA, Virgin Atlantic and Ralph Lauren, turn more website visitors into customers. SaleCycle works with companies to increase conversion rates, recover abandoned sales and drive customer loyalty.

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Our remarketing solutions are proven to help increase online sales by up to 8%
By including Trustpilot reviews in emails, SaleCycle clients have seen conversion rates increase by up to 25%
98% of SaleCycle clients recommend them.

Why Trustpilot & SaleCycle?

SaleCycle uses Trustpilot’s technology to highlight the most recent positive reviews within cart abandonment emails. This means the most loyal customers can be used to help engage and sell to new customers. This partnership will convert abandoned shoppers by showing only your best reviews. It will dynamically show your latest reviews in cart abandonment emails.

The integration

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Highlight your business's TrustScore directly within email campaigns. Dynamically display the latest and most relevant reviews if the TrustScore is over a certain value you configure. Maximize your brand's reputation by featuring your TrustScore at every point in the customer journey.

This integration is developed and maintained by SaleCycle.

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