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How StorageMart succeeds in global & local search

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Success with Storagemart

Is your local search strategy lacking?

Although StorageMart is a huge brand, its customers are only interested in local options, which is why their business has put such a strong focus into optimizing their localized search. StorageMart’s typical customer lives 3-5 miles from the storage facility they use.

How does StorageMart leverage local search to maintain their position as top dog in the storage space?

In our webinar, Trustpilot and StorageMart talk best practices for businesses trying to optimize organic search to increase conversions. Learn specific measures you can take to ensure prospects are getting the right results for their local needs.

StorageMart will explain the importance of “Google My Business,” why you shouldn’t use tracking urls, and how to manage unstructured data.

Leave the webinar understanding how to make it easy for Google to crawl your pages, and drive prospective customers to your business.


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