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Trustpilot customer reviews help businesses get noticed on Google

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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Trustpilot company profiles have good Google karma. And we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Our latest stats from Google reveal that Trustpilot company profiles are getting a first-page position in Google searches. That means that companies with high TrustScores not only build solid reputations through happy customers, but their well-deserved reviews and star ratings also gain winning exposure every day.

What about companies with low TrustScores? Well, there’s a big opportunity here! Our stats show that low TrustScore profiles are gaining just as much exposure on Google. So, working with customer feedback to build up a company’s TrustScore can be a promising investment.

Either way, there’s no doubt that consumers are researching businesses online to learn about their reputation. And when consumers perform these searches, Trustpilot company profiles are getting a front-row seat in Google along with the other results that support company brands, e.g. websites and social media profiles. That means having a Trustpilot company profile can help companies get noticed and provide consumers with social proof of customer satisfaction.

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Companies on Trustpilot get first-page exposure in organic Google search results

We all know how big Google is, but Trustpilot has broken down our latest numbers from December to put things into perspective…

Altogether, Trustpilot company profile pages showed up in ~0.15% of all Google search results in December, which is equivalent to 157,000,000 impressions. And did we mention these are organic search results? Yup, no paid search results here!

The cherry on top is that Trustpilot company profiles are typically positioned on Google’s first page. In fact, the average position in December was 6.9 out of 10. (Some info for non-techies: anything above 10 means that a search result is positioned on the 2nd page of Google. You know, the place nobody looks!).

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Consumers click on Trustpilot company profiles to read reviews

Of the 120,000 company profiles on Trustpilot, 93,000 of them were displayed in organic Google search results during the month of December. It’s reassuring to know that consumers are finding most Trustpilot company profiles on Google, but what happens after they find them?

Google stats indicate that for many consumers, the journey continues after the Google search results page. Many consumers click through to read service reviews on Trustpilot. Specifically, we’ve seen this in 2.82% of consumer activity in December. That’s more than 4 million consumers clicking through from a search result to a Trustpilot company profile.

It follows that reviews matter when consumers are learning about businesses. Reviews can be the incentive needed to trigger clicks through to company websites and online stores.

Stars and reviews appear when consumers search for companies

Now, it’s great news that many consumers make it all the way from performing Google searches to reading reviews of companies on Trustpilot. But what are consumers searching for?

Our latest data from December reveals that Google search results displaying Trustpilot company profiles typically stem from searches for business names or business names combined with terms like “reviews”.

On Google, Trustpilot company profile pages are typically displayed with the following information:

  • Name of company
  • Domain
  • One or more categories
  • TrustScore
  • Star rating
  • Number of reviews
  • Meta-tag description (provided by Trustpilot)
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At a glance, this snippet helps consumers get a quick impression of the businesses they are researching before they decide whether or not to click through and read reviews.

We’re connecting people to businesses through reviews

Overall, our Google stats and consumer search data confirm that ratings and reviews are crucial when consumers are learning about businesses. Ratings and reviews support company brands in search results and help consumers know who to trust when shopping online. At Trustpilot, this news makes us smile because it tells us that we’re connecting consumers to companies more than ever before. We hope all Trustpilot companies will feel empowered by this news, and strive to make all future consumer connections as positive as possible.

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Want to see how often your Trustpilot company profile page shows up in Google search results? If you’re already a business user, log in here to check out our new statistics page.

Don’t have a business account yet? Get access to your stats by signing up for free. Written in collaboration with Oline Damborg Schøler


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