A lightweight software app helping you to capture in-store purchase data and linking it to shoppers across EPOS systems in real-time.

yReceipts enables brick-and-mortar retailers to identify in-store customers through digital purchase receipts in retail stores and through its integration with Trustpilot enable retailers to collect customer reviews.

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50% of shoppers organically take up a digital receipt
85% of retail happens in-store
60% of brick-and-mortar purchases are influenced digitally

Why Trustpilot & yReceipts?


FOR RETAILERS: Reach in-store shoppers with digital receipts, capture customer data and enable a single view of customers.

FOR TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS: Add live product level purchase data to your technology solution. Introduce premium digital receipts in your EPOS software.

FOR MARKETERS: Tie online campaigns to in-store purchases and track online to offline attribution.


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