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Use Slack to receive and reply to your Trustpilot reviews.

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65 companies from the Fortune 100 have paid Slack workspaces.

Manage Trustpilot reviews from Slack

Slack puts all of your communication and tools in one place. Businesses who use Trustpilot can also manage their reviews from Slack:

  • Post new reviews to multiple Slack channels, public or private.
  • Use dedicated Slack channels to sort and manage your reviews (for example, by positive or negative sentiment, by location, by domain)
  • Set up private channels where your colleagues can reply to reviews.

This integration is developed and maintained by Trustpilot.

Trustpilot integrations with Zendesk, Hootsuite and Slack

Connect to Slack without any coding

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1. Connect Trustpilot to Slack

From your Trustpilot account, find Slack under Integrations.

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2. Add Trustpilot to Slack

Review permissions and install Trusptilot as a Channel in Slack.

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3. Manage Trustpilot Actions

Use the /trustpilot settings command to fine-tune the way reviews are posted to your Channel.

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