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Manage brand and location-based Trustpilot reviews directly in the PinMeTo platform.

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43% of consumers are willing to change negative reviews to positive if they receive a satisfactory and prompt reply from the business.

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PinMeTo helps your multi-location brand take people from search to action. It’s more than just SEO – it’s a tool for managing your brand’s online presence, for every location, on multiple major networks.

As part of PinMeTo’s reputation management tool, you can see, reply and assign any Trustpilot review made at both brand and locations levels, alongside reviews from other networks. With this integration, brands can now streamline the management of reviews and feedback from the same interface, thus keeping control over the brand’s reputation as well as facilitate the customer support agents in their daily operations.

This integration is built and maintained by PinMeTo. It is available to users of PinMeTo’s Listen & Respond service.

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Connect to PinMeTo without any coding

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1. Connect Trustpilot to PinMeTo

From your PinMeTo account, select Trustpilot under Connect in the Listings tool and log in to your Trustpilot account.

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2. Monitor Trustpilot Reviews

Under PinMeTo's Listen & Respond tool, filter on activity to monitor reviews from Trustpilot.

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3. Respond to Trustpilot Reviews

Reply publicly to Trustpilot reviews, leave internal notes, and assign follow up to other team members directly from PinMeTo.

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