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11 Reasons why online review trust matters to travel

Monday, June 18, 2018
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Think back to your last holiday, even if that was a while ago. How did you choose where to go and how to book your trip with?

You might be a happy-go-lucky traveller and just booked whatever came to mind. That's fine but probability suggests you'll be unlucky one day (maybe you have been already).

At some point, whether it's booking flights, hotels or activities, I guarantee you looked at online reviews.

So what makes you think your customers aren't doing the same?

Here's why having an online reputation, built through online reviews, matters to your success in the competitive travel industry.

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Trusted travel in numbers

2016 is predicted to be a stellar year for the travel industry with record sales and profits.

But with rising prices and more competition, online reputation is going to matter more than ever. Here are some key travel stats for you to think about.

  • 148.3 million - Average number of travel bookings made online each year
  • 57% of all trips are booked online
  • 77% of travellers say that positive online reviews are very important or important when deciding who to book with
  • £364bn - Predicted value of travel sales in 2016
  • 1 in 3 hotels were booked on a smartphone in 2015
  • 79% of travellers rate a user-friendly website as important or very important when they book a trip
  • 69% of holidaymakers will choose a holiday provider with better reviews over a cheaper one with poorer reviews.
  • 68% people believe that holidays are an important personal investment. Make sure your offers stand out from the crowd!
  • 24% of travelers use their smartphones for reading reviews while on holiday. 22% use their tablets.
  • 90% of travellers say a reasonable price is important when booking a trip. Does your reputation justify your prices?
  • 93% of hoteliers said that online traveler reviews are important for the future of their business.


With consumer happiness on the line, it’s clear that trust is vital in travel. Start improving your reputation today, download a free copy of Trustpilot's Complete Guide to Reviews below.

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