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Revealed: The steps you need to get a good TrustScore

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
the steps to a good trustscore

The TrustScore is the simplest overview of what your customers think about you.

It aggregates the reviews you receive and puts the feelings of your customers into one digestible graphic. That means it’s simple for you:

  • To see how happy your customers are
  • To show prospects how your current customers see you

So how do you get a high TrustScore? Here’s the solution... Have a clear customer focus in everything you do. That's it, from great customer service to building an excellent customer experience.

There is no secret. There are no tricks. It’s all just down to hard work, whether businesses pay to use Trustpilot or not.

We’ve condensed the steps it takes get a great TrustScore into one simple infographic to show you how it works.

Trustscore Inforgraphic

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