Case study: Bookbyte proves reliability with reviews

Friday, June 8, 2018

Since 1999, Bookbyte has provided college students with an inexpensive way to buy used textbooks online and has served as a reliable partner for selling books from past semesters. Today, millions of students rely on Bookbyte as a trusted resource to save time and money.

Although Bookbyte is an industry leader, small competitors are constantly emerging and national retailers have also entered the space. PPC costs are through the roof and social media demands that each customer experience is a positive one. How can Bookbyte differentiate itself from the competition?

Bookbyte case study
Bookbyte statistics

Bookbyte believes that social proof and commitment to customer satisfaction are extremely important to its prospective customers.

In August of 2013, reviews collected by Trustpilot were integrated to the US Bookbyte homepage in its peak season. During this period, Bookbyte's international URLs and pages did not include reviews collected by Trustpilot to serve as a control group, measuring impact.

What's the impact of reviews?

The A/B split tests proved that Trustpilot was having an impact. Integrating real customer reviews collected by Trustpilot has created transparency and built trust, improving conversion rates and increasing revenue.

In a short period of time Bookbyte has established itself as a "Top 3" brand within their category and the company has distinguished itself from competitors both big and small.

The proof of the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is validated every day as hundreds of new customers contribute to a TrustScore that continues to improve.

Trustpilot has provided Bookbyte with the tools and platform to streamline its review collection process, build deeper relationships with Bookbyte consumers and to leverage Bookbyte's most powerful marketing asset – extremely satisfied customers sharing exceptional experiences.

Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) allows us to effortlessly reach out to all of our customers and provide an easy way to leave a review.
Thomas Pittman, Marketing Manager
Our response rate through Trustpilot is incredible… Our overall experience has been outstanding.
Thomas Pittman, Marketing Manager, Bookbyte
  • While site traffic decreased slightly, business overall grew YOY.

  • Total revenue increased by a healthy 13.87% when compared to the control group. Site performance also improved.

  • The ecommerce Conversion Rate improved by 7.16% YOY on Bookbyte's pages where Trustpilot reviews were integrated, compared to the control group.


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