Q&A: Brunel One use online reviews to boost sales by 53%

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Brunel One

BrunelOne.com is one of the main destinations for ordering printed and promotional products quickly and easily.

Part of Calendars and Diaries of Bristol Ltd, BrunelOne.com channel over one hundred years of printing experience into every product. With this large range to choose from, and a revered history, the BrunelOne.com team knew their best marketers are their committed customers.

Since joining Trustpilot, BrunelOne.com have seen their sales increase by 53% and have improved their already-famed customer service to keep customers hooked.

We talked to digital marketing manager Ian Chambers to find out more about their Trustpilot story.

Key stats since joining Trustpilot

  • 53% sales increase
  • Joined Trustpilot in June 2014
  • TrustScore of 9.5

Why are online reviews important to you?

Online printing is a highly competitive market so having very high quality products is just not enough to be successful. Customers have so many options these days that to be able to offer a premium level of customer service as well is hugely important.

However we needed a way to communicate that to people. As an online business, customers very rarely get any face-to-face contact with our staff. Having bought products from websites ourselves, we knew that if potential customers were able to see real reviews from genuine, verified customers then this would help reassure customers they’re making the right choice.

Why did you choose to join Trustpilot?

When looking at which online review platform to use, Trustpilot was the clear leader as far as exposure and functionality. In all honesty, Trustpilot were one of the more expensive options that we looked at but we believed that it would be worth investing a bit more to get the additional features available.

Also, we run a reasonably large Google AdWords campaign and the fact that Google displays the Trustpilot star rating on the PPC adverts was a big factor.

Additionally, we display the TrustBoxes on our homepage and all of our product pages, which looks great and helps us build the trust with our new and regular customers. This was a big advantage that Trustpilot had over its competitors.

How are you using Trustpilot going forward?

As with all online businesses, Search Engine Optimisation is a big priority for us and we follow the changing factors for this very closely. We are aware that there is now far more to effective SEO than just getting a good position in the standard rankings.

As a result, we have just signed up to use Trustpilot’s new Product Reviews, as we expect this will help us tackle these latest SEO challenges and boost our ranking appearance for each of our individual products.

Click the link below to request a demo and start showcasing your reputation online.

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