How to use reviews to create customer service superstars

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Weldricks Pharmacy has been a 100% family owned business since the 1930s, when their late founder’s grandmother opened her first pharmacy in Doncaster. Weldricks now run 61 pharmacies in and around South Yorkshire and expanded their business online in 1998.

Weldricks is committed to developing the skills of their employees, a group of over 600 trained staff and more than 80 pharmacists, to ensure each employee provides exceptional healthcare advice and customer service, both online and in their local brick and mortar stores.

Featuring Trustpilot scores and reviews on their website gives new and existing customers confidence in Weldricks’ service. Showcasing customer reviews in their offices also encourages Weldricks’ customer service team to go the extra mile.

Weldricks Pharmacy

Key statistics:

  • Over 8,500 reviews
  • TrustScore of 9.7

‘Reviews show that we deliver on our promises’

Weldricks realised that having a review system in place was vital to their online presence, so decided to partner with Trustpilot in December 2013. Weldricks feature their TrustScore in the header of their website and the latest customer reviews on their homepage using a customised integration which fits seamlessly with their brand.

Weldricks site

Allan Green, Head of Ecommerce says: “The reviews we receive are massively important to, not only our online business, but also our bricks and mortar pharmacies, as they reflect the customers’ interaction through our click and collect service.”

“We firmly believe that it is important that potential customers see that we have a large and content customer base and that we deliver on our promises.”

“Our reviews offer our customers a quick and easy reference to our reliability and give them confidence to engage with us. I believe the rating we have, together with our strong pricing, directly impacts on new customer conversions and is driving our rapid growth rate.”

Using feedback to fine tune customer service

In addition to giving customers confidence in Weldricks’ service, Trustpilot reviews also help to motivate staff to provide exceptional customer service.

“Trustpilot has allowed us to critically appraise our operations and receive feedback.That has led to us fine tuning our processes to ensure the service we deliver to all of our customers is of the highest quality,” says Allan.

Trustpilot reviews are prominently displayed in Weldricks offices, encouraging staff members to celebrate their success and continue to find new ways to delight their customers.

weldricks plaques
Weldricks plaques 2

“We actively encourage our customer service team to go the extra mile with our customers,” says Allan. “Positive feedback leads to high morale and a workforce that embraces our ethos of top quality customer service and delivery within shipping timescales.”

Weldricks make their commitment to customer service apparent by responding to customer feedback through Trustpilot. Allan says responding helps reassure new and existing customers that any issues will be dealt with. No customer will ever be left behind. “Publishing timely and honest feedback where our service has not met our customers’ expectations gives existing and potential customers reassurance that we not only value their opinions, but also act quickly to resolve issues.”

weldrick review

Using reviews to grow the business

Recognising the importance of sharing positive customer experiences with a wider audience, Weldricks are currently developing its social media channels to include customer reviews.

The company plan to continue using Trustpilot to build on their customer service success as their business grows. Allan says: “Our challenge is to maintain and enhance our high quality service together with our attractive pricing model as we expand our business.”

“Trustpilot feedback allows us to see the areas we excel in and maintain those, whilst ensuring that we don’t lose sight of the importance of meeting our customers’ needs.”


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