For MacGregor and MacDuff a 40% conversion rate increase was easy with reviews

Friday, June 8, 2018

Founded in 1979, MacGregor and MacDuff have sold specialist Scottish Highlandwear to thousands of customers across the UK.

From kilts to jackets, waistcoats and accessories, MacGregor and MacDuff have grown to be one of Scotland’s most innovative kiltmakers, known for excellent customer service and high-quality products.

Now with four stores in Scotland and a fitting service in London, MacGregor and MacDuff turned to their customer reviews to market them to a bigger audience. And it’s certainly working.

MacGregor & MacDuff case study

Key stats since joining Trustpilot

  • 40% conversion rate improvement
  • 30% revenue increase
  • 15% click-through increase in pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Google
  • Joined Trustpilot in 2015

Goal with Trustpilot

To start building consumer trust in the MacGregor and MacDuff brand to enhance the shopping experience.

Why MacGregor and MacDuff chose Trustpilot

The team researched a lot of different options to use the voice of their customers. However, Trustpilot came out as the best option due to the strength of the brand and because of a good previous experience.

“After conducting research into several review platforms, we chose to partner with Trustpilot as they offered everything we were looking for at a competitive price.

"Having also had experience working with Trustpilot in a previous role, we knew that the support and service were excellent,” says Alistair Hardy, Digital Marketing Manager .

How Trustpilot will be used in the future

With a lot of Trustpilot features, the team at MacGregor and MacDuff are the first to admit that they’ve not yet tried everything on offer.

“We see Trustpilot as a long term partner for MacGregor and MacDuff,” says Alistair.

“Currently, we are not publishing products reviews on the website so we are planning to start publishing these products reviews in the near future. We now also incorporate our Trustpilot star rating in our offline marketing strategy including any press adverts that we take out as well as in our own company brochures.”

Advice for companies considering Trustpilot

“Trustpilot helps us continue to improve our service,” says Alistair. “Reviews are a great source of insight around what customers like (and occasionally don't like) about the business. Feedback gives you what you need to improve and exceed customer expectations.”


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