Case Study: CEWE Photoworld's customer focus increases conversions

Friday, June 8, 2018

CEWE Photoworld has long focused on delivering high quality products and service that exceed customer expectations, and it needed a way to communicate that to prospects.

Percentage increases

Business objective

Customers come to CEWE Photoworld to preserve their memories. The photo books, calendars, mugs, puzzles, wall art and prints they buy aren’t about those products themselves, but rather, about keeping their happy memories a part of everyday life. CEWE Photoworld customers love making gifts out of their photos, and they are delighted when they receive their finished products. The company wanted other customers and prospects to hear those positive stories, without CEWE Photoworld leading the conversations.

Additionally, the company hoped to open communications with those customers who would not otherwise contact the service department – either for positive or negative feedback.

Specifically, CEWE Photoworld wanted to:

  • Populate its Google Seller Ratings with customer feedback in order to drive more traffic to its website;
  • Leverage positive customer reviews to encourage conversions during the checkout process; and
  • Analyse and respond to negative reviews to improve overall customer service and satisfaction.

The criteria

When a consumer chooses a photo finisher to reproduce images from her baby’s first birthday, her best friend’s wedding, her parents’ 50th anniversary or any other special event, she wants to know the company she has selected will look after and reproduce her images in the best possible way. CEWE Photoworld has long focused on delivering high quality products and service that exceed customer expectations, and it needed a way to communicate that to prospects.

This was particularly crucial in areas of the site where prospects might second-guess their buying choices, such as in the checkout area. With Trustpilot, CEWE Photoworld can show site visitors – in the words of the more than 7,000 customers who have reviewed the company – that it is worthy of their trust.

Since adding Trustpilot to our website, we’ve seen a jump of 12 % in clicks from Google. We’ve also A/B tested our checkout process and found that when Trustpilot reviews are present, we see an 8 % improvement in sales.
James Morgan, Online Manager


Trustpilot reviews boost click-through, conversion rates.Happy CEWE Photoworld customers have given the company a TrustScore of nine out of 10, which led to an increased Google Seller Rating and ultimately boosted CEWE’s click-through rates (CTR) by 12%.

These photos are people’s real lives; these are people’s memories that they want to keep alive. Trust is everything in this business, and Trustpilot helps us create that trust so people will try us and recommend us.
Duncan Midwood, Managing Director, CEWE Ltd.

To ensure it was using Trustpilot optimally, CEWE Photoworld A/B tested the integration of Trustpilot reviews in their checkout process, from the shopping cart to the auto confirmation, and was delighted to see an 8% increase in conversion rates when Trustpilot reviews are present.

Want to increase your conversion rate with Trustpilot reviews?


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