How Fords of Winsford uses reviews to build trust and drive brand reputation

Friday, March 23, 2018

Fords of Winsford has a strong advertising presence on TV and radio but were looking to improve their digital marketing. Over a year ago, the business decided to give online reviews a go and opt for a more customer-centric strategy.

Nathan Quayle, Group Marketing Manager at Fords of Winsford, explains:

“As a company, we looked at taking control of our online reputation and PR as we had a handful of reviews across a number of websites. We needed a central source of trustworthy, honest feedback we could both learn from and showcase to customers. We based our choice on the company with the largest brand name and greatest SEO presence - Trustpilot.”

To boost their brand reputation, Fords of Winsford came up with a two-phase plan.

  • Phase 1 was about growth, and consisted of building a healthy and honest score by collecting hundreds of reviews.
  • Phase 2 was all about boosting the business’s reputation, highlighting the company’s rating and sharing positive customer experiences.

Today, Fords of Winsford prides itself on managing its online reputation remarkably well with the help of Trustpilot.

Building trust and credibility to increase customer confidence

Trustpilot continuously helps Fords of Winsford acquire impartial reviews to give customers as much confidence online as they would have offline. With a business that has both a brick & mortar location and an online presence, it’s important for consumers to have a true representation of what their physical experience will be like when visiting the company’s website for the first time.

In addition to this, the emergence of reviews across many platforms was a real struggle for the firm as it was difficult to keep track and manage.

Thanks to Trustpilot’s strong SEO presence as a review management platform, Fords of Winsford can easily manage and showcase their customer reviews effectively on their own website, while benefiting from an SEO standpoint. This has considerably increased credibility and transparency for the business.

“Buying a car has a unique customer journey. People usually research products first and where to buy it from second. When customers are looking where to buy from, one word pops up above all others, even above price, and that word is trust. We needed to showcase trust and transparency across our media to ensure customers knew they could trust us with one of life's largest purchases” - Nathan Quayle.

Fords of Winsford review page is dedicated to highlighting reviews

Since they’ve started collecting reviews with Trustpilot, Fords of Winsford has been selecting one review per day to share on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Trustpilot’s social share functions and Image Generator makes it easy for them to pair beautiful imagery with reviews to improve engagement.

Fords of Winsford’ uses reviews as social proof on their Instagram account

With 78% of people admitting that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases, it’s safe to say that consumers use social accounts to learn more about your business and find out whether or not they can trust you. That’s why it’s essential to showcase social proof on social media in 2017.

Mastering online reviews to improve customer experience

Both the marketing and customer service teams are in charge of managing Trustpilot reviews, along with the management team, who jump in when 1, 2 or 3 star reviews are left on-site, to help solve any issues.

Positive reviews are very often shared by the line managers. The staff are commended on extra special reviews as they represent how Fords of Winsford have gone above and beyond for their customers’ happiness.

The company reviews their customers’ feedback quarterly to help them highlight any particular trends, and figure out what could be improved within the business in order to make their customer experience as flawless as possible.

Fords of Winford's TV ad featuring Trustpilot